PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING TERMS AND CONDITIONS VERY CAREFULLY BEFORE USING THE WEBSITE. ACCESSING, BROWSING OR OTHERWISE USING THE WEBSITE IMPLIES YOUR AGREEMENT TO BE BOUND BY ALL THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS ("Agreement"). If you do not want to be bound by the Terms and Conditions, you must not use the Website 7pakebandha. The Terms and Conditions also includes the applicable policies which are incorporated herein by way of reference and as amended from time to time (the "Terms and conditions").


7pakebandha acts as a platform to enable any user to themselves register on it (by filling the mandatory fields and optional fields, if any) to voluntarily search for profile(s) from the database of already registered users. you must have a valid/operational mobile phone number and an email id. 7pakebandha Members are provided with free/paid access for searching profiles from the database of 7pakebandha, as per the partner preference set by you on the Web site and you can shortlist the profiles in which you are interested. You can also send interest to other members. if you take membership then you can chat or call other members.

1. Eligibility

A) 7pakebandha Membership and rights of admission is reserved solely for :

I. Indian Nationals & Citizens.

II. Persons of Indian Origin (PIO).

III. Non Resident Indians (NRI).

IV. Persons of Indian Descent or Indian Heritage

V. Persons who intend to marry persons of Indian Origin.

B) Further in capacity as 7pakebandha member you confirm that you are :

I. 18 years or above (if you are a woman) or 21 years or above (if you are a man);

II. If you have applied for Divorce, you may register on our website by stating "Awaiting Divorce".

III. If you are a resident of any other Country, you are legally competent to marry as per the local rules applicable to your country and you shall comply with the Indian laws for marrying a person of Indian Origin

2. Registration

We want that you would complete the online registration process with fairness and honesty in furnishing true, accurate, current, complete information and with providing recent photos of you.

3. Account Security

You are responsible for safeguarding the confidentiality of your login credentials such as your user id, password, etc., and for restricting access to your computer/mobile to prevent unauthorized access to your account. We, as a Company do not ask for Password and you are cautioned not to share your password to any persons. You agree to accept responsibility for all activities that occur under your account.

4. Role and Responsibility of 7pakebandha

A. 7pakebandha reproduces your details once you register on our website on "as is as available" basis and also share your profile with other registered members within website(s)

B. The profile search conducted by any 7pakebandha member and the matches shown thereof are automatically generated by 7pakebandha, and based on the partner preference set by you. In the event of 7pakebandha member changing their partner preference on the Website, then the automated system generated prospect results of the Website may also undergo corresponding change.

C. 7pakebandha does not prohibit any 7pakebandha member from sending interest to your profile or communicating to you based on their partner preference. But you are at the liberty to deny their interest or proceed further if you are interested.

D. 7pakebandha shall safeguard sensitive user information using security standards,authentication mechanisms, access controls and encryption techniques

E. 7pakebandha cannot guarantee the complete protection of user data while it is in transit, or prevent any tampering of the data by a third party with malicious intent before the data reaches the 7pakebandha servers.

F. 7pakebandha do not authenticate/endorse any information of any profile and hence you as a user need to verify the credentials and information provided by other users.

5. Role and Responsibility of 7pakebandha Member

A. You, shall safeguard your profile information by creating a strong password during profile creation with combination of alphabets, both upper and lower case and numbers.

B. Any information / data required by 7pakebandha for using the 7pakebandha services shall be provided by the 7pakebandha Member, as and when so sought by 7pakebandha.

C. You are requested to verify the credentials of the prospect, exercise due care and caution regarding their profile information which includes marital status, educational qualifications, financial status, occupation, character, health status, etc. and satisfy yourself before making a choice of your match. 7pakebandha shall not be liable for short coming due to any misrepresentations made by any of its 7pakebandha members.

D. You are required to verify the credentials of the prospect and we shall not be liable for any misbehavior/ misrepresentations made by the Prospect to you during video call.

E. To get better search results, 7pakebandha Members are expected to provide latest photograph which should not be more than 3 (three) months old. Providing old photographs/ photographs of others, inaccurate / false information shall be treated as violation of terms and conditions. If you violate the terms and conditions then We can terminate your profile.

G. 7pakebandha Members are advised to refrain from :

i. Entering into any financial transactions with prospects. 7pakebandha Members shall not seek financial help or provide financial help from / to the other 7pakebandha Members

ii. Using abusive language when they communicate with the other 7pakebandha Members

iii. being discriminative or using racial comments etc.

iv. Sharing of confidential and personal data with each other but not limited to sharing of bank details, etc.

v. Entering into physical relationship with any prospect before marriage.

vi. violating any law for the time being in force.

vii. From mentioning details of other matrimonial services while sending personalized messages

H. 7pakebandha member shall, in case of finalization of his/her/their Registrant marriage, delete their profile by themselves or intimate 7pakebandha for removal/deletion of their profile.

I. 7pakebandha Members agree to use secure devices, software and networks in a private place for accessing the 7pakebandha services.

J. 7pakebandha member shall not use any kind of Bots like web robots, Chatbot or any other automated processes/programs/scripts to use, communicate or respond in 7pakebandha Website.

K. 7pakebandha Members shall not probe, scan or test the vulnerabilities of the 7pakebandha Website/App or any network connected to the Website nor breach the security measures instituted by 7pakebandha.

L. All payments shall be made only to 7pakebandha account.

6. Privacy of Membership

To protect your privacy and understand our practices as amended from time to time , please read and follow our Privacy Policy which also governs your visit to 7pakebandha , the personal information / data provided to us by you during the course of usage of 7pakebandha will be treated as confidential and in accordance with the Privacy policy and applicable laws and regulations. If you object to your information being transferred or used, please do not use the website.

7. Medium of Communication to 7pakebandha Members

A. 7pakebandha member hereby consents for receiving communication including promotional communications through any medium of communications such as electronic mails, calls, SMS or through Whatsapp messages.

8. Disclaimer

A. Your access to and use of the 7pakebandha Services or any content is at your own risk. YOU UNDERSTAND AND AGREE THAT THE 7pakebandha SERVICES ARE PROVIDED TO YOU ON AN "AS IS" AND "AS AVAILABLE" BASIS. WITHOUT LIMITING THE FOREGOING, TO THE FULL EXTENT PERMITTED BY LAW, BMDISCLAIMS ALL WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, OR NON-INFRINGEMENT. 7pakebandha does not warrant that the Website, its servers, or e-mail sent from 7pakebandha are free of viruses or other harmful components. 7pakebandha will not be liable for any damages of any kind arising from the use of this 7pakebandha Website, including, but not limited to direct, indirect, incidental, punitive, and consequential damages.

B. 7pakebandha does not give any implied or explicit guarantee or warranty of marriage or alliance by you choosing to register on our Website and using 7pakebandha services (both paid and free).

C. Notwithstanding anything contrary contained anywhere, under no circumstances, 7pakebandha shall be held responsible or liable whatsoever or howsoever, arising out of, relating to or connected with:

i. any act or omission done by 7pakebandha/MCL/payment gateway/alliance partner etc.;

ii. any untrue or incorrect information submitted by you or on your behalf;

iii. any decision taken by you or on your behalf or any consequences thereof, based on any information provided by any other user (including suspension/deletion of the profile from 7pakebandha);

iv. any unauthorized or illegal act done by any third party relating to or connected with any information submitted by you or on your behalf;

v. any cyber crime attempted or committed by anyone and

vi. any incident of force-majeure or 'act of god'.

vii. Any issue already stated in these terms and conditions including limitation of liability clause of these terms and conditions.

viii. Using/availing of third party services namely horoscope matching services etc. and for paying them through the Website.

ix. 7pakebandha shall not be liable for the outcome of during any interaction in a meeting, call, sms, chat, email or social media posts at any point of time

x. Any issues relating to any technical malfunction of any telecommunication network, software, hardware failures, network congestion, denial of service, failure due to spamming or any combination of the above.

D. You expressly agree that your use of this Website is at your sole risk.

9. Termination

A. We in good faith reserve our right to terminate your membership or suspend/delete your profile at our sole discretion without any notice to you and take any action of the Terms and Conditions, in case you

I. seek physical / financial favors from our other registered members or

II. have provided incorrect information on our website or

III. have committed any fraudulent/ unlawful/ illegal activities through the use of our website or

IV. have violated this Terms and conditions or

10. Mode of Payment

7pakebandha uses third party payment gateways for collection payment through credit/debit card or other payment instruments.Payment can be done by cash / cheque / Net Banking / Debit / Credit Card.

11. Refund & Cancellation Policy

7pakebandha believes in helping its members as far as possible ! In the instance of you chose to terminate your membership, the MEMBERSHIP FEES ARE NOT REFUNDABLE under any circumstances.

12. Renew

1. You can renew for 3 months and you need to pay amount Rs 300.

2. Renew for 6 months and you need to pay amount Rs 500.

3. Renew for 1 year and you need to pay amount Rs 1000.

8. Office Address:

Mira Apartment, Andul Road, Nimtala, Duilya, Howrah, WestBengal-711302

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